Application and Analysis

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Application and Analysis

Post  Breakfas on Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:59 am

I posted this on TL just a little while ago so I figured I would just use this here also because it's a really cool build.

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During the FXOpen invitational series the match oGsHero vs oGstheStC, oGsHero did a really cool build in PvT using a warp prism and sentries to FF the terran out of his own base while warping in more units.
Starts about 1:52:00

Now if this build was invented or made popular by someone else let me know so I can give credit to whoever deserves it.

I didn't count exactly the exact build that oGsHero did but when I get around to it I will add it to this thread.

Here is the build I use when doing this in Masters League. I do a very similar build but it is less of an all in because I scout first with a quick observer and don't use the build if the terran is not expanding or camping in his base. Now you can send a few units and lure your opponent out the FF the ramp but if they are doing a 1 base all in you should just transition into the popular 1gate robo 2gate expand build.

This build works the best when the terran fast expands.

-12-14 gate
-15 gas
-16 pylon
-19 2nd gas
-20 zealot
-23 pylon
-24 sentry
-27 Robo
-28 sentry
-30 pylon
-32 sentry
-33 Observer (send to scout- If you are not going to be able to do the sentry drop because the terran is either going 1 base all in or teching hard go ahead and expand another gate or 2.)
-34 3more gates (either wait for the observer to scout and react from there or drop the gates before the observer scouts for a more powerful build but harder to transition out of if you are not going to be able to do the sentry drop)
-warp prism
-3 more sentries when the warp gate research finishes
NOTE-With the observer scouting first before you drop the 3 more gates it makes this build very easy to transition out of and continue with the normal 1gate robo gate expand build. This build is more effective if you put down the 3 gates before your observer is scouting because you will be able to warp in units before he starts getting a good amount of production facilities

You should have about 6 sentries and a zealot by the time the warp prism comes out.

From here load up 4 sentries(leave one at your base to protect from counter attacks) and while scouting with your observer sneak in and drop your sentries right near the ramp. You can send in a zealot to attack his expansion as a distraction or lure the units out of his base. Force field the ramp and start warping in units. 2 stalker and 2 zealots or 4 zealots work well for the first warp in.

Continue to FF the units out of the base and warp in units to take out his production facilities.

Be ready for a counter attack. You can use your first zealot as a spotter for counter attacks and be sure to warp in a few extra sentries in your base and FF your own ramp. From here you can just destroy the terrans base and transfer some units back to your base while Force fielding your own ramp to keep the terran out while you make enough units to take out his army.

Sentry warp prism rush PvZ vs VTGodder


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Re: Application and Analysis

Post  qxc on Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:34 pm

If the terran is doing some kind of 1 base all in why not just perma ff his ramp in? Since you have the obs in his main you should be able to see when he has ghosts/tanks/thors/dropship/reaper and thus need to retreat to defend your own ramp.

Otherwise seems like an extremely powerful and underused strategy. Katari did it to me on NA ladder a while ago but I havn't really seen it much since.

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Re: Application and Analysis

Post  Laggy123 on Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:51 am

This has the potential to be really strong and popularized and overused possibly abused. Now what I'd like to see more from forum threads is like, instead of just these builds that people do that simply show what to do is to make threads analyzing the strong points the weak points the counters the possible errors that can happen before it happens how to defend them. Pretty much what I feel is needed instead of just saying look here's the build the guy used, is look I figured or need help figuring out the whole build not just numbers and timings, if not that something that shows how to follow it up or make it stronger. I think that made sense if not I'll clarify.


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Re: Application and Analysis

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