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Application FAQ

Post  qxc on Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:07 pm

How to apply
1) Register for an account with your desired username
1a) Use a guest account that is similar enough to your desired username that it's easy enough to approve you when the time comes
2) Post some sort of analysis/opinion/build order/discussion/anything related to the game. Make sure to provide a good deal of information initially to spark discussion.
2a) Include the following in your application
league + points
link to profile

3) Post in your own applications as well as the other threads in the recruitment forum
4) Wait 1-2 weeks until you hear back (yes or no)
5n) If no - there's still hope. We will give you feedback so that you can change your posts into something more appropriate for our forums
5y) If yes - welcome aboard. Your account will be approved shortly upon which you will have access/ability to see the other forum sections and posts we have.

Guidelines for posting
-Keep it concise
-Organize into paragraphs/make it readable
-Relate it to the game
-Use specific examples
-Citing replays/top level games/other analysis is useful
-Include build orders where applicable
-Be interested in what you post

Q) Who is Leargle?
A) Leargle is our current recruitment officer and is in charge of picking out applicants and getting them put up for discussion so that they can be approved

Q) What is this forum and why should I care?
A) This forum is my personal project to create a private community of Starcraft 2 players who can discuss the game/strategy/other stuff without the massive trolling and general ineptitude that plagues forums like teamliquid.

Q) Who can apply?
A) Diamond+

Leave any questions you have here.

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