PF vs. everything

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PF vs. everything

Post  qxc on Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:51 pm

We know PF's are good. We know they're really good. But just how good? I'd like to see some unit testing done for
PF vs.

Units that outrange a pf aren't included as well as units that a pf can't attack or that are completely unreasonable to use to kill a pf with.

For your tests include several scenarios
1) no upgrades
2) Full upgrades (building armor/range/3-3 on units/unit specific upgrades)
2a) Partial upgrades - where relevant. Zealots are likely to have charge but not 3-3 and it may make a difference. Ultralisks will probably have high upgrades so it's less important if you test them w/ low upgrades or without the armor upgrade. Zerglings should have at least speed.
3) pre spread units/micro to keep them spread out
4) simple a+move w/ no micro
5) Figure out how many units barely wins vs. a PF for a given type
6) Determine the number of units of a given type required to 'dominate' a pf (kill it within 5 or 10 seconds without taking significant losses)

This may be a lot so feel free to just tackle a few at a time or at all. Seeing this split up between a few people may be the most reasonable solution.

Thunderbear EDIT:
Thor was added, +1 range on PF makes the PF able to fire at a thor at max range.

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