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Post  Thunderbear on Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:47 am

These are the early Rules, I will also be looking at rule suggestions and add more or take away some in the future depending on what rules we need/don't need
Rule no.:
1. No bad manner, we don't want to have anyone hating each other.(Also goes under no raging)
2. Don't joke too much at each others expense, we don't want anyones feelings hurt, we're all humans in reality, not computers.
3. Only replays are allowed to be uploaded, we have limited uploading space. (It is fine to place links and embedded videos as I believe those do not take uploading space), replays also have to be uploaded in .zip format
4. This site is currently just for us who work with qxc in this, no one else has access to this site, it's not secret what we do, we just want to avoid spam.
5. The only place for talk unrelated to Sc2 is the forum I make that says so.
6. If there seems to be a debate that starts to get a little bit too heated, the topic most likely will be closed, after a warning.
7. Be open minded and don't slaughter new stuff and suggestions before you've even read the entire explanation, I'll most likely find out if you've read it or not.
8. Gl and Hf on your quests for new epic tactics! Have some fun and be friends!
9. Links: This site cuts links, so you can either use the Link button amongst the BBCode tags, or you have to cut the http and/or the www.

These are all the rules for now, PM or E-mail me if you have suggestions to what needs to be added/deleted, and a reason for it.
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