Reapers on Scrape Station TvP

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Reapers on Scrape Station TvP

Post  Captain Soban on Thu Mar 17, 2011 7:05 am

There's a pretty neat tactic you can do on scrape station with reapers. This works best when a Protoss decides to expand instead of committing to early aggression, like a 3gate robo, Phoenix, or dt expand.

I usually open with a 3rax build while making a small bioball with stim and quite a bit of early reapers. +1 is also nice. Reaper production also lets you build 2 more barracks depending on expansion timings as reapers are so light on minerals. The key here is to build up a a group of around 12ish reapers and to make sure the Protoss doesn't know you are massing reapers. 5+ of them is usually a good tell so make sure only let the Protoss see no more than 5 at a time, which shouldn't be all that difficult.

When your two infantry balls are complete, first push the choke point in between the Protoss's main and nat drawing their army out. By no means should your bioball be able to take on the Protoss army at this point, seeing that they will have at least a colossus or whatever high tech unit the Protoss built to. When you engage, stim the bioball and shutterstep while retreating to sustain minimal damage. You'll only be able to take out a few tanking zealots and maybe a stalker before you have to disengage entirely.

At the same time you push the choke, run the reaper ball into the Protoss's natural first killing probes, and when they run, focus down the nexus. It should take only about 10 seconds to bring it down, which should be enough time before the Protoss army wraps around the choke.

By now, the Protoss will have to all-in at this point but should not be able to break you if you've kept up your macro and pull SCV's accordingly.

Lastly, I've only gotten this to work a few times. It could be hideously flawed, or have a lot of potential.

Here's an old replay of the general idea versus a 3gate expand:

And a more recent one versus a phoenix expand:

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